Introducing "Cub Hax"

Sodexo has recently taken many steps to make the college dining experience more exciting and enjoyable for Eastern New Mexico University students. Much thought and work has gone into transforming the Crossroad’s Café into a place where everyone can have an ample variety of options for each meal.

Sodexo Unit Marketing Coordinator Hannah Spearman came up with the idea of “Cub Hax”. According to Spearman, “Cub Hax” are “life hacks that teach you how to get the most out of your meal plan.” She explained that that most students seem to eat the same things over and over; they always have their go-to meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her idea behind “Cub Hax” is to break up the monotony of the same simple meals and to showcase the variety of options that Sodexo provides, which often go unseen.

Spearman explained that there are endless options for entrée’s, and many more that are yet to be discovered. After doing the math, she discovered that there are 12,240 combinations that can be made in the sandwich line, 152 options at the grill, 5,158 options at the pasta bar, and 3,628,950 possible combinations at the stir fry bar. Along with those, Spearman currently has a running list of exciting meals that can easily be created with the options that Sodexo offers. For example, collecting the ingredients from various stations in the cafe can make meals such as vegetarian hummus flats, green chile cheeseburgers and BLT sandwiches.

In fact, students can submit a photo of their creation by uploading it to Instagram with the hashtag #cubhax2016, along with tagging @enmudining.

“We’re going to pick from the ones that are submitted, and what I would like to do is name a special [dish] after that person and I would like to also offer flex dollars as a prize,” Spearman said. She went on to explain that in the future she would like to see samples of student’s creations being offered, so that people can vote on the one that they enjoyed the most, and choose a winner by the number of votes.

Ultimately, the goal of “Cub Hax” is to encourage ENMU students to take a chance and try new food options so that they can get their money’s worth and so much more from their meal plans provided by Sodexo. Students can sign up for a meal plan at any time throughout the year and meal plans are open to everyone, not just students who live on campus.

Spearman also noted that as college is often an extremely busy season of life, food is not always the priority. However, it should be, because without food, students would be lacking the energy to accomplish everything else on their lists. That gives ENMU students all the more reason to be excited about the launch of “Cub Hax” in the near future.


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