ENMU Enrolls Record 6,000

Eastern New Mexico University has enrolled over 6,000 students for the Fall 2016 semester, creating a new enrollment record. As ENMU as it continues to grow and unravel endless opportunities, the school is attracting more students to the area.

According to ENMU’s website, this is the highest enrollment in the university's 82-year history with an enrollment of 6,014.

“It feels good to go above 6,000 students for the first time ever,” said ENMU President Dr. Steven Gamble. According to its website, ENMU has been identified as the 18th fastest growing public master's institution from 2004-2014.

“[This is] great news for the university,” said ENMU alum Don Chriss. With more renovations and with the Bond C voting taking place, the campus is growing and Chriss says, “It is modernizing.”

Chriss has been working for ENMU’s broadcasting center for 42 years and he genuinely believes in the school’s core values. Because the university is affordable for students, this provides ample opportunity to earn a college education. Not only that, but the university provides a beautiful campus.

“Things have changed for the better,” said Chriss.

President Gamble has been a big contributor to all the changes. Gamble is the ninth president of Eastern New Mexico University, and he has been involved at the university for fifteen years.

“President Gamble is one of the best presidents ENMU has had,” said Chriss. “[ENMU is a] real treasure.”

The new enrollment numbers have brought attention to the university, and the fast-growing campus has shared the spotlight with its renovations and notable alumni. ENMU is providing more opportunities for students educationally, in an affordable way.


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