Bond C & ENMU

Two years ago during midterm elections, the bond to renovate Eastern New Mexico University’s Golden Library made its first appearance on voting ballots. Fortunately, the bond passed and ENMU received the $11 million for essential renovations. During this upcoming election, Bond C will make another appearance on the ballot. This time, the bond will include the supplemental funds required for the creation of the Golden Student Success Center.

ENMU will not be the only school to benefit from Bond C. Most of the institutions for higher learning around the state will be reaping the benefits of this bond, including the Roswell and Ruidoso branches of ENMU, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, and Western New Mexico University.

The bonds for Golden Library’s renovation were always intended to be divided up into two different bonds. The 2014 bond will cover the cost of necessary facility upgrades to the heating and air conditioning system, in order to get the building up to code. After all, this building opened in 1953. Whether or not ENMU receives the remaining funds needed to bring the Golden Library into the twenty-first century depends upon Bond C passing, again, in November.

“Bond C for Higher Education will provide more opportunity for New Mexico’s students, create local jobs, and provide communities around the state an economic boost, all without raising taxes,” according to

One of the biggest perks about this bond is that there will not be any sort of increase in taxes in order to pay it off.

Bonds are classified by their primary function and how the money will be repaid. Bonds classified under the letter “C” are for federally funded institutions and buildings. These bonds are paid for by replacing previously expired bonds, which are already incorporated into the taxes of statewide residents. ENMU will have to pay the $26 million total between the two bonds back to the government eventually.

If and when the bond pulls through in the ballot box, construction will begin. The transformation of the Golden Library into the Golden Student Success Center will take anywhere from two to three years and will be well worth the wait. There will be a much larger café inside, upgraded technology to accommodate for the frequency of use in the computer lab, advisors will be available in a convenient resource center, and all of the books will be nestled amongst modern furniture and updated interior design. Incoming freshmen, future students, and the people in the community of Portales will be able to benefit from the renovation.

Alum Josh Kelly is now the Sigma Chi chapter advisor, as well as department secretary for History, Social Sciences, Religion, Psychology and Political Science. Kelly is anticipating the amplified benefits which the Golden Student Success Center will bring to students.

“The Golden Student Success Center will provide students with a better experience and resource throughout their college career,” said Kelly.

Naturally, midterm elections have lower voter turnout than presidential elections, according to “Voter Turnout” at College-aged people have one of the lowest participation percentages in voting polls since the sixties. This is one argument as to why it is so crucial for students and supporters to complete the process in order to vote during primary elections this November.

This process is much simpler than it seems. For students who are registered voters in a different county in New Mexico, applying for an absentee ballot can be done through the Federal Voting Assistance Program on their website at Registration for an absentee ballot must be completed by October 11, and the ballot must be turned in by November 4.


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