Dr. Gamble Will Retire After Sixteen Years at ENMU

While working at Eastern New Mexico University, Dr. Steven Gamble had a goal to fulfill his desire to help people through education. When he retires from his position as president of the university on August 1, 2017, he will have received 16 years of fulfilling this goal.

“It’s been a really wonderful 15-years, I believe that this is one of the best universities in the southwest and I enjoy working with the people that make it one of the best in the southwest,” said Dr. Gamble. Working at ENMU has given Dr. Gamble the satisfaction to be doing what he loves. Gamble entered the field of education to help people, and he believes working at ENMU has been very rewarding to him.

“I’ve probably got more out of it than I [have] put into it,” said Dr. Gamble. His favorite part of working at ENMU is the interaction with the people here on campus.

“The students, faculty and staff, getting to know them and whenever I can getting to help them. I think that’s true of any job when you get out and get employed, I think you will find the same thing,” said Gamble. “If you are happy with the people you are working with then you’re going to be happy. If you’re not happy, it doesn’t matter about the rest.”

ENMU was not the first school Dr. Gamble has worked at during his educational career.

“I came to ENMU from Arkansas after being president of Southern Arkansas University for 10 years. I wanted to get back to the West Texas-Eastern New Mexico area. I like the people in this part of the country and I knew ENMU was a good school,” said Dr. Gamble.

In return to giving almost sixteen years at ENMU, Dr. Gamble was rewarded by being able to help those around him and have an impact on the lives of those he has assisted.

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