Advice: Three Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is an issue we have all dealt with in our lifetime, and many of us still struggle with it. With the struggles of the college life we tend to forget how to get back in the rhythm of things, and we start to lose track of school and end up stressing about it later. Many negative things can come from laziness, but all of that can go away with basic principles to deal with laziness.

To begin, we must first evaluate ourselves to find the real issue. In order to fix the problem we need to find the root of where laziness lies. Questions to really think about include asking yourself what is the cause of your lack of motivation? Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, fearful, heartbroken, or just plain uninspired and stuck?

Leave whatever is holding you back, let go of what is paralyzing you and your ability to move on with your life.

Once that is revealed, the next step is to focus on the problem. What are some things that you can work on to resolve the real issue in your life? In my personal experience, I usually avoid the conflict in my life. When I do that I crawl up in my shame and avoid any human interaction. I don’t want anybody to talk to me and I don’t want to do anything, so I sleep it off. It’s important to bring up that real life issue that holds us down.

What are some ways to fight laziness? The real battle is the action itself, it’s the most difficult process to actually overcome laziness and the start of physically doing something. Get organized, it helps to work on the baby steps because life gets loud and messy. One great way to jumpstart this behavior is by organizing your work space. Clean your room, clean your car, or get to class ten minutes early, the point is to be productive. Stay active by creating simple tasks that will help you to stay on track.

Another simple way to accomplish your goals is to create discipline within yourself. I sleep too much, and I like to deal with that is to wake up early in the morning, this allows me to cut down on the sleep and live uncomfortably. By sacrificing the comfort in my life, I start to realize my ability to be effective. This is a good technique to overcome laziness because it reaches out into every area of my life.

One last thing to think about while we face the effects of laziness is to endure hardship. There is a breaking moment in our lives that seems to hit when we are weak. Perseverance is key, it’s the stage of demonstrating true character. Laziness can affect all areas of our lives in a negative way and if we stay on track and on the right path to making things better it can define our whole situation. A lack of motivation is what brought you to laziness in the first place, so don’t give up! Don’t lose your motivation and the remember purpose of your goals. Remind yourself of the simple tasks and goals you have set before the sweet victory that comes with overcoming laziness.

In conclusion, there are many more tips to overcome laziness, but these are some of the best ways to reveal the root of your laziness. Remember to self-evaluate to find the real problem, to create simple tasks to stay active, and to endure hardship to build character. De not become lazy or suffer from the concept of only existing and not truly living your life.

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