Folklorico Dancers Perform at ENMU

La Casita Elementary School from Clovis, New Mexico showed off their heritage through a performance in the Campus Union Ballroom on Monday, October 10.

They were helping students of Eastern to celebrate Dia de la Hispanidad, which means Hispanic Day. This holiday is an annual national public holiday in Spain commemorating when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492. In America, this day is recognized as Columbus Day.

According to La Casita Elementary School’s website, one of their beliefs is that “diverse cultural heritage enriches and strengthens our community.” Just as important is their second belief that “success in any aspect of life depends upon preparation, commitment, and self-discipline.” The young dancers displayed their dedication to both of these beliefs in their performance.

Baile Folklorico, translated to folkloric dance, is traditional Mexican dances emphasizing local folk culture with similar techniques to ballet. Each region in Mexico has a unique folk dance of its own.

Lorenzo Colmenero, a junior at ENMU majoring in computer science, was born in El Paso, TX but was raised and went to school in Juarez, Mexico until the fourth grade. The folklorica dancers brought back memories from his childhood as traditional dancing is taken very seriously.

According to Lorenzo, folklorico dance represents the evolution of Mexico. Mariachi music was one of the first Mexican styles of music to be invented. The girls wear large dresses with red, white, and green while the boys wear mariachi suites. His fondest memory of performing folklorico is from when he was seven years old and he danced at a local performing arts theatre.

“We performed in front of at least 100 people. I was very nervous but once we stepped onto the stage, I went loose,” said Lorenzo

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