Opinion: Creepy Clowns, Worth the Fear?

There are several important events going on in our nation and world currently, events that cannot be ignored and that will directly affect the future of our country. While the upcoming presidential election has been a point of conversation, as well as natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew, many heads have instead turned to address the clown epidemic that has spread rapidly across the United States and now part of Europe.

The first clown sighting occurred in mid-August just outside of Greenville, South Carolina, where clowns were reportedly trying to lure children into the woods. From there, this issue has spread like wildfire, clowns being spotted across the east coast. Creepy clowns have now been reported in 39 states, and most recently, there have been reports in England.

While some may think that clowns are just a laughing matter, they have been striking fear into the hearts of people across the world, and especially in cities where there have been sightings. Police have been responding to call after call, and there have been multiple arrests. While there have been some violent incidents, many of the cases have been harmless, but that doesn’t mean that people should not practice caution.

There have been sightings in New Mexico, even including the campus of Eastern New Mexico University, which has made the fear closer to home, and closer to the hearts of students and faculty. The campus police station has been giving out pepper spray, free of charge.

The real question is, is this something to be afraid of? In most cases, no. Living in fear is not going to change anything, other than giving the clowns power over our thoughts, which is probably all that they want to begin with. As a nation and a world, there are much more important things to focus on, like who our new leaders will be or what we need to do in order to respond to natural disasters and help those in need.

Getting caught up in something like a clown epidemic takes the emphasis away from matters that can and will change our everyday lives. So take caution, but continue to live life pursuing prosperity and hope rather than fear.

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