Eight Week Courses: Worth Signing Up?

As the weeks progress into the semester, students stress levels are rising, and senioritis is slowly kicking in. Some student’s grades may be hanging by a thread when it comes to a class. However, Eastern New Mexico University and other schools offer eight week courses for students to take.

“Eight-week courses are shorter classes that usually pack a full 16 week’s classes amount of information into half the amount of time,” said Jessica Daughtery, an employee at the student advising center.

The convenience of an eight-week course is appealing to students since many are online and they require the same amount of work as if you are enrolled in a 16-week course.

“Eight week courses are really helpful to students who need to maintain their 15 plus credit hours after withdrawing from a 16 week course they are not doing well in. Then, they pick up an eight-week class to balance their schedule” said Daughtery.

Many students at Eastern have the lottery scholarship to pay for their schooling. The requirements for the scholarship are a 2.5 GPA and 15 credit hours. An eight-week class can help a student keep their scholarship in cases of failing.

“A lot of the 8 week courses are offered online, and can be found in the course catalog on Eastern’s website.

The courses started the 10th and the last day to register for a course is the 17th of October” said Daughtery.

The deadline to register for an eight-week class is approaching fast. For students who have the lottery scholarship and are in danger of failing a class, should highly consider signing up for an eight week course so their GPA does not drop.

Keep pushing forward, Greyhounds the sleepless nights, papers and assignments will soon pay off.

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