ENMU Hosts Pixel to Paper Conference

The Eastern New Mexico University Art Department hosted a graphic design conference on October 21, 2016 called Pixel to Paper. The design conference was held in the lecture hall in the Art and Anthropology Building.

Faculty and staff are excited to present an opportunity to the students to hear what is like to be in the competition world of the graphic design industry.

Hopper recieves tips from designer Kristin Carlson

Guest speakers were invited to share their experience within the graphic design industry to students, faculty, graduate alumni from ENMU, as well as local high school students and other students from universities in New Mexico.

The featured speakers were Kristin Carlson, Bryan Ellison, Steven Brower, and Brandon Murphy. Each of them shared their personal opinions and tips to be a great designer.

Brandon Murphy attended the University of North Texas, earning a BFA in communication design. Today, Murphy owns his own firm, he is the chief and creative director for Caliber Creative in Dallas, Texas. Murphy explained to the young designers in the conference to rethink the assignment when given one. He said, “Don’t trust the trend, but be brave in your work.” Murphy as well as the other guest speakers wanted the audience to understand the importance of designing to one’s own style, but also to design in the parameters of the client and to think outside the box.

“This is a good experience to ask questions and to have personal time with professional graphic designers,” said student Amanda Hopper. Faculty and staff in the Art department encouraged students to bring their portfolio to the design conference to show the guest speakers what they have created. The main purpose to this is to receive constructive criticism at high standard level.

Hopper shows off her portfolio

Pixel to Paper encourages students to be a part of the American Institute of Graphic Arts to sharpen their skills. Inviting guest speakers to share their experience inspires ENMU students to pursue their degree with a passion.

“We live in the middle of nowhere and so to have professional graphic designers from others areas talk to students and show them illustrations will help resonate the concepts that is taught in the classroom,” said Art Professor Bryan Hahn.

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