ENMU Students Excited for New Pattern Wind Energy Farm

Photo designed by Chelsie Arnold

Interest in renewable sources has risen in recent years, and another wind farm has been added to the local community thanks to Pattern Energy, based out of San Francisco, CA.

Broadview Wind, located in Curry County, will feature 141 Siemens 2.3 megawatt wind turbines situated on 85,000 acres which have the potential to power nearly 180,000 homes. Energy created on the site will provide power to California energy customers.

Many believe that there are more disadvantages to non-renewable energy than with renewable energy, such as wind – especially those concerned with the environment. No pollutants are released into the air on wind energy plants, and it is considered to be one of the cleanest methods of harnessing and creating electric power.

Wind energy is mostly harnessed by wind turbines, which can be about as tall as 20 story buildings. Three blades are affixed at the wop which resemble propellers, and are spun by the wind. Motion of the blades is then transferred into energy by a shaft connected to a generator, thus producing electricity.

The largest turbines can provide power to up to 600 homes. Many turbines are typically placed in one location, which are usually referred to as a “wind farm” or “wind energy plant”. Income from the land these turbines are built upon can improve economic health in the rural communities they are placed on.

ENMU students Delicia Pena and Tyler Howard gave their thoughts on the new wind farm.

“I had no idea that this project was occurring. It will be such a good thing for the area and will generate more jobs. I think it’s great for the country to rely on our own resources instead of looking at other countries for them,” said Pena, an ENMU alumnae.

ENMU online student Tyler Howard was also very pleased with the clean energy source.

“It’s such a positive thing that the area continues to expand their minds on methods of energy that don’t harm the environment. I think wind and solar energy are fantastic alternatives to traditional energy methods,” said Howard.

Broadview Wind Project and Pattern Development held a ceremony on Wednesday, October 5 on Main Street in downtown Clovis where locals had the opportunity to sign one of the wind turbine blades that will be installed on the plant.

For more information on the Pattern Energy Broadview Wind project, visit http://patternenergy.com/en/operations/facilities/broadview-wind/.

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