International Affairs Hosts Social Mixer

Students attending the mixer social hosted by International Affairs were able to enjoy food while meeting new friends

Students from all around the world came together on Friday, October 21, 2016 to make friends, share experiences, and broaden their horizons in a mixer event hosted by International Affairs. The event held on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) provided students with an opportunity to learn about different cultures, adjust to life on campus and make friends with students they normally would not have the opportunity to meet.

Events held previously by International Affairs focused on international students meeting one another, but this event was designed to help them meet and interact with American students.

“International students like to share their cultures with each other… [but they] are shy and don't want to express themselves outside their small circle of friends,” said Assistant Director of International Affairs and business student, Ying Xuan “Adam” Wang, who is from China.

The mixer provided a nonthreatening way for students to enlarge their circle of friends by learning about students from various cultures.

Students represented 12 different countries. These students, coming from as far away as Sri Lanka and Finland, were able to interact with peers from all over the world.

Many students have benefited from the services provided by International Affairs. Events such as these allow them to more easily adjust to a different culture and succeed at ENMU.

One of the students that has benefitted from those services is business graduate student, Krishna Katwal from Nepal.

Chemistry student Sai Abhishake Yadav Kotla from India (right) and business student Ying Xuan “Adam” Wang (left) enjoyed the evening while wearing Halloween masks that were given at the mixer social. The masks were intended to help students meet one another by finding people wearing the same mask and getting to know them

“International affairs has helped me a lot,” said Katwal. “By providing these events [International Affairs] help students deal with culture shock and meet people from different places.”

According to their page on ENMU’s website, “International Affairs was created to meet the needs of international students and to share the diverse backgrounds of our campus community.”

They provide assistance and support for international students and incoming students by helping them adapt and adjust to the ENMU environment, and deal with the culture shock of living in a new country.

International Affairs in located on the lower level of the Campus Union Building (CUB) on ENMU’s campus and can be contacted at 575-562-4915.

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