Opinion: Concealed Carry On Campus Will Conceal Real Threats

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this article. Maybe, because I have no experience with shooting a gun, I am too ignorant and immature to be voicing my opinion. Or, maybe, because I am one of the few that has absolutely no desire to shoot at anything, my perspective is just as important as the advocates.

After the protest against concealed carry on the University of Texas campus took place, the issue became an even hotter debate topic. Now, instead of just pertaining to the general public, it took a specific hit at college campuses.

In particular, this protest brought up the importance of student and faculty safety if concealed firearms are allowed on campuses across the nation. Although I don’t believe in taking guns away from people, I do believe that there are specific times and places where firearms should not be allowed.

I’ve heard it from nearly every student when discussing this topic.

“If a school shooter comes in what are we going to do? If we all have guns we can protect ourselves!”

This also means that every single person carrying a weapon could be the shooter. If we’re all walking around with guns out, ‘ready to protect ourselves,’ we could all be seen as the threat.

In reality, having the majority of campus populations carry firearms at school sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not one of us--not the freshman, not the seniors, not the Sodexo workers--are always calm and ready to handle a situation in the best way possible.

If every single person knew the most effective way to diffuse problems, fights would hardly ever break out. Murder wouldn’t be such a big problem. We all get angry and upset and even uncontrollable at times. Adding guns into the equation, especially when surrounded by plenty of people without a fully developed maturity complex, is not a good idea.

If the majority of people on a college campus are not carrying weapons it will be easier to identify who a real threat is. We have real, working lockdown procedures that have been crafted to save the lives of as many people as possible. If the protocol for a threat didn’t work it wouldn’t be in place. Every time that procedure changes it gets better and becomes more effective. Learn it, trust it, do it. We don’t need guns to save ourselves.

And really, that’s the biggest argument for carrying on campus. Protection.

But who are you protecting when you’re the one that gets out of hand?

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