ENMU Grads Successful in Finding Employment

Graduation day brings a lot of change. While it marks the end of days spent attending classes and long nights of studying, graduation also marks the beginning of a new season of life, including opportunities to enter the workplace.

The endeavor of finding a job after graduation is something that can induce fear, excitement, or a mixture of the two. Students from Eastern New Mexico University have experienced both the challenges of job hunting, and also stories of success in their areas of interest.

Justin Banister, a recent ENMU graduate, acquired an internship and began working just a week after graduation. He currently works at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Finding this opportunity wasn’t difficult because I had so much help from others to get me here. Dr. Burusnukul, Dr. Hanney, Professor Wiegal, and Dr. Buzzard all pushed me and they created a chance for me to go the resort and view it with a group from the business club,” said Banister.

He went on to explain that the most difficult aspect was the extensive interview process, along with waiting for an answer on the job.

“So much of Hospitality Management preparation can only be learned through experience, but what I did learn, I’ve been able to apply and utilize not only to get the internship for the summer, but it ultimately helped me receive a full time position from the resort,” said Banister.

Luke Johnson, also a recent graduate of ENMU, graduated with an education degree and currently works at Yucca Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico as a librarian.

“I graduated on Saturday, had my interview the following Wednesday, and got the job that Friday. I was extremely lucky,” said Johnson.

Although Johnson was fortunate to find a job quickly, this did not come without challenges.

“I had a difficult time in student teaching, and therefore had a difficult time finding a job as a teacher,” said Johnson. In the end, as a result of hard work, everything worked out in a positive way.

According to Johnson, ENMU helped to prepare him for a career.

“The curricula in the classes prepared me for specific issues that would arise and put into perspective the importance, and ultimately, challenge of education,” said Johnson.

One large factor that often plays into the search for jobs is internship experience. Like Banister, Matthew Morgan, another recent graduate of ENMU, acquired a position because of previous internships that he had completed.

“I currently work with Los Alamos National Laboratory, with XIT-CSS (eXperience Information Technology- Classfied Systems Support,” said Morgan. He found the job about a month after graduation.

While finding employment after graduation can be a daunting task, with many trials to be faced, it is also very rewarding when a student finds the right fit for them.

It is obvious from graduates of the university that ENMU has been successful in preparing students to fight through the challenges of the workplace, and has helped them on their paths to success in a career field.

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