ENMU Celebrates Halloween

Halloween does not go unnoticed at ENMU. Many students with various majors show their passion and spirit for Halloween campus wide

“I really like Halloween. I like dressing up and having costume contests,” said freshman Kylee Camp, an elementary education major.

“You get an opportunity to be and act however you like. I really like that part, you can be as weird as you want [and] as creepy as you want,” said Jezabel Pargas, an education major.

“Just going to scary houses this gets me excited. It’s a little bit [of an] adventure getting to have you and your friends go out and see some of the hard work [that was put into] Haunted Houses. It really takes a lot [of hard work]. I enjoy seeing how they get the exhilaration of the feeling [when they see people get scared],” according to a senior DFM major Darcel Durr.

“I have my own house now, so I’m excited to hand out candy to kids. I am more excited about getting to see them in their costumes because I’ve never been a costume type of person,” said sophomore Criminal Justice major Jericka Hudson.

Students are also participating in Halloween activities that are held by different student organizations.

“I’m in Chi Omega and were having a date party for Halloween. It’s called Spooky Hooty,” according to Camp.

“For Freshman Seminar, we have to work the carnival in Lea Hall. So I will be participating by drawing the characters. The theme were going with this [year is] Hotel Transylvania 2,” according to Alexander.

“Well I’m part of a fraternity, so we’ll be having a Halloween party. Before that, I’ll be at San Juan, helping with some decorations,” according to Durr.

“We're going to participate in that [Trunk or Treats] and we're going to hand out candy to the kids. I’m a Zeta [Tau Alpha] and we’re [having] a My Sister, My Responsibility event on Halloween. MSMR [is about] us protecting our sisters [and being] responsible for each other,” according to Hudson.

Many of these Greyhounds celebrate traditions whether they are at home or on campus.

“We [Chi Omega] go to the Baptist Children’s Home and carve pumpkins with the kids,” said Camp.

“Every year when I’m at home, we go out and buy candy and I help pass out candy to the kids and also work the carnival at the church,” according to freshman Darricia Alexander.

With the vast amount of activities that students are a part of, it is sure to be a great Halloween.

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