How to Study Abroad Through ENMU

Jacob Mercer is a Las Cruces native who has a Bachelors degree in World Religions with a minor in German, and a Masters degree in Creative Writing. Additionally, Mercer has been a part of the Greyhound family for only three months as International Student Services in SAS 170.

Mercer helps students who are interested in studying abroad and the programs that Eastern New Mexico University offers.

“ENMU is a member of a pretty awesome foreign-exchange consortium called CONAHEC,” said Mercer. “Through this program, Eastern students can study at their choice of over 170 CONAHEC-member universities around the globe while continuing to pay tuition only to ENMU, keeping whatever scholarships they have, and getting whatever credits they earn overseas transferred back here without a hassle.”

There is a wanderlust in everyone, and the benefits of studying abroad are substantial for students.

“In a practical sense, studying abroad is great for your resume and keeps you competitive in our increasingly globalized job market. You build the intercultural skills (and even language skills) that employers are looking for and prove that you are adaptable, open-minded, and enterprising. You expand your knowledge of your field, too, by studying it from a non-American perspective” said Mercer.

Although students have jobs, families and their lives rooted in one place, it is never late to pack up and go to a different country to gain valuable experience in another place you have never been to.

So, you are ready to study abroad and are curious what next steps to take. Well, look no further than SAS 170 and the over-abundance of programs that CONAHEC has to offer.

According to Mercer, “Here is the list of countries with CONAHEC-member universities: Argentina, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain,” said Mercer. If one of those places interests you, shoot me an e-mail or stop by my office, and I’ll get you all the information you need to get started. If you’re dead set on studying somewhere else, that’s a possibility, too. Just do some research first. Find a study-abroad program you’re interested in, let me know, and we’ll see what we can work out. Also, we have nearly one hundred international students on campus right now—and I know many of them would love to make some more American friends. Grab a coffee with them. Get to know a little more about where they’re from. You might want to study there someday.”

Whether it is as close as Mexico or as far away as Korea, there is a program for everyone through CONAHEC.

Even if studying abroad has not been on your radar, it can still be a wonderful opportunity to see another country, learn a new language or make a new friend. If you have further questions, visit Jacob Mercer in the SAS building in room 170 to embark on a new journey abroad.

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