ENMU Baseball Entertains with Family Friendly Fun

Eastern New Mexico University’s annual Halloween baseball game brought the community of Portales together. Many gathered Friday to watch the costumed team play a game. Each baseball player was dressed from head to toe in a costume of their choice, and even remained in character throughout the evening. The stands were full of excited fans, a good deal of which were also dressed up for Halloween.

ENMU Baseball team joining in the fun for Hallo

There were unforgettable costumes like a tyrannosaurus rex, a minion, astronauts, the Power Rangers, a biker, a doctor, and many more. The team split in half, enough people on each side to play a game against each other.

With the competitive edge removed from the picture, the game was full of laughs and smiles the entire time.

“My favorite thing about this game is just how everybody goes all out! People in the stands get out and dress up too, it’s not something that’s nonchalant,” said Kiana Zerr, a junior at ENMU.

About halfway through the game, the team invited children of all ages out onto the field to run a lap around the bases. Overjoyed squeals and grins could be seen even from far away. The game also included trivia questions announced throughout the night, with prizes awarded for correct answers. Children and adults enjoyed running up the bleacher stairs to see if they would be a winner.

The game contributed to a fun and safe Halloween environment for the people of Portales and radiated with the well-known, proud, greyhound spirit. The annual fall tradition was successful once again in bringing all generations together and uniting the community, not to mention the entertainment that was provided as well.

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