ENMU Softball Battles Alumni in Halloween-Themed Scrimmage

The Eastern New Mexico University girls’ softball team recently scrimmaged against ENMU alumni graduates.

Many players dressed up in their Halloween costumes to make the game fun and entertaining. From luchadores, to super heroes and Disney characters, the softball game was full with cheers and laughter.

Although an official score was not kept, it became a competitive match to see what team made more runs. There were no official umpires in the game, only volunteers, and the person that would make the calls behind the plate was a catcher for the defensive team. The pitchers would rotate every other inning, and batters could steal as many bases as they could to make the game more intense.

The ENMU baseball team came to support the girls as well as some of the softball parents.

“I always look forward to playing with these girls because we can sit back and enjoy our friendship on the field,” said alum Savannah Chavez.

Chavez graduated in May 2016 with a B.A in Biology. She is now working in a hospital in the Albuquerque area. Chavez had a great time throwing the softball around once again with her former teammates.

The match visibly showed the sisterhood bond that ENMU softball has formed throughout the years.

“I like to see the alumni players that have been in ENMU softball in the past because it shows that they are still proud to be a Greyhound,” said current student and marketing major Courtney Vigil.


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