Forensic Science Society Hosts Annual Trunk or Treat

Halloween is the one night a year where people can transform themselves into something they are not. Whether it is a cat, a ghost, favorite television character, or just indulging in sweets, Halloween is what you make of it.

This Saturday, the Forensic Science Society hosted its annual Trunk or Treat in the Curry parking lot.

“Trunk or Treat is an annual event that the Forensic Science Society puts on every year, where we park our cars in the Curry Hall parking lot and we handout candy to the children of the Portales Community, it is a safe and fun way for parents to have their kids trick or treat” said junior Marisol Montano.

Simliar to the Safe Trick or Treat that is hosted in the square here in Portales, Trunk or Treat is presented in the evening, however it is still a safe way for families and children to get into the holiday spirit.

“There is a school wide email sent out a month before Trunk or Treat and organizations have the option to email the person who is running the event that year. We extend this invitation to students and organizations as a form of community service,” said Montano.

Trunk or Treat is a great way for organizations to promote their group, while giving back to the community.

“Trunk or treat is for everyone and anyone who wants to dress up and participate, we like to create a safe environment for trick or treaters” said Montano.

Students who have seen the Trunk or Treat may be interested in joining FSS.

“Forensic Science Society is an organization for any students who are in the forensics major or students who just enjoy forensics as a whole, we have weekly meetings and participate in campus activities,” said Montano.

The meetings are held every Thursday at 5pm in the College of Business room 109.

“We do a lot of community service we go on trips to places with Forensic Science programs so the older students can get ideas for graduate level schools, we have bonding activities and we [raise funds] for the club to go on these awesome trips. We also try to have at least one guest speaker a semester where we invite all students of Eastern to come and listen to lectures about different aspects of forensics as a career path,” said Montano.

Attending one of the guest lectureships that the Forensic Science Society holds is an interesting way to see the different aspects of forensics and to see if it is a career path you want to take.

Make sure to check out FSS in the near future, and have a safe and happy Halloween .

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