Kirko Bangz Performs in Portales

Local rappers and DJs got together to put on an impressive show last Saturday, and host Kirko Bangz at Midway Events Center in Portales. Midway is known for hosting Spanish music artists and other events such as quincineras and wedding receptions.

Over 300 tickets were sold, people were waiting in line and the parking lot was filling up an hour before the door opened. Deqwon Samora aka Zilla the Savage, DJ Jamie Leaton “Juicy J” and DJ Cazzarelli were keeping the volume and energy turned up all night.

Members of El Savacito, a local group of rappers including Matt “Cuhta” Salazar, Isaiah Pacheco, and Mario “Cholo” Montoya opened up the show. This group takes claim for being the forerunners of hip-hop in this area, working on music since they were about 10 years old. They have recorded eight albums, and were recently the winners of New Mexico Hip Hop Awards.

Local artists Phoenix Russell and Nick Bliss took the stage together for a collaboration. Russell also performed with Christian Pacheco with whom he has been working for about a year. Other artists included Navajo, 2GK & Prip T, MadHouse Records, Izzro, TeeJay, 10MP, ES & Borracho.

Bliss brought Marcus Scott and Khali Sol, both from Albuquerque, to perform with him. Scott is a music producer of his company Live Above Win Daily. After meeting Scott at a beat battle, Sol became Live Above’s first signed artist. You can find all of their music on Soundcloud.

As anticipation for Kirko Bangz’s appearance rose, the professionalism and organization of this event was apparent. There were more opening acts than usual with eight to nine artists on stage before Kirko, but this was important in order to highlight the local talent that have put so much effort into making this happen.

Scott “Sixx” Bibiano, owner of Reloaded Talent Booking and Promotions and organizer of the show at Midway, explained the details of what really goes into putting on a show like this. From booking the venue, selecting the artists, locking in the contract, sending off deposits, getting the sound system in there, the tickets going on sale, designing the advertising flyers, and getting on the radio there is an extensive amount of work done in order to promote an event. The local acts helped to push tickets and promoted through Facebook. He said he was pleased with the outcome and the connection made with the people here in Portales.

Bibiano said he utilizes the local artists for their familiarity with the market in the area when he is putting together a show. He first met Matt “Cuhta” Salazar and Isaiah Pacheco when they performed at one of his shows in Roswell and it was then that they decided they wanted to try to get something going in Portales.

Bibiano likes to work with the smaller cities that do not receive much entertainment, to bring opportunities to those communities for people to come out and have a good time and to give local artists a chance to perform for a larger crowd. Which is also why Reloaded Talent allows all ages at most of their events, to cater to a little bit of everybody.

For the first show Reloaded has done in Portales it was a risk. It takes a lot of money to put it together and they still were able to sell tickets for only $15. They booked the platinum selling artist, Kirko Bangz, to make a statement for the outcome of future shows.

It was good to have Kirko Bangz back in New Mexico after an altercation at a show in Hobbs during August. The drama of the altercation was blown out of proportion and a lot of rumors had been started because of it. However, there was no drama and no fights last Saturday night and Kirko really attracted the females in the audience.

The success of the event contributes to the excitement for future concerts in Portales. Bibiano said, “Everything had a great, positive vibe.” He respects the relationship he has with artists and after 13 years the company’s track record speaks out for itself.

The crowd kept their phones out all night to share the concert on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook even though service in the building was limited. Kirko Bangz is kicking off his Back Flossin’ tour which will include a benefit concert in Houston.

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