Portales Rec Center Raises $3000 in Haunted House Funds

The recreation center of Portales provides the community with activities for all ages to enjoy throughout the year. Whether it is volleyball, soccer, softball or basketball, the recreation center has an activity that will suit your needs. Along with activities that the recreation center provides, they host their annual haunted house, where they raised $3000 this Halloween.

In addition to helping the fundraiser run smoothly, the recreation center asks organizations at Eastern New Mexico University in assisting them in the haunted house.

Photo by Sophia Romero

"Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Softball, Cross Country, Associated Students of Eastern New Mexico, Psychology Club, Spanish club and AHORA," said Youth Director Ashley Nelson of the organizations that lend help.

By getting Eastern New Mexico University organizations involved, the community is brought together to help with the haunted house.

"Our goal is $2,000 and we normally meet our goal" said Nelson. “Any money we raise goes back to the kids. We buy new equipment and make improvements to the rec center."

Having the community come out and supporting the recreation center helps the children of Portales receive the newest equipment and ensuring they are getting the best experience.

"We have about 600 people come out from the community that come to the haunted house” said Nelson.

“Our haunted house focuses on adults and teenagers. We normally have kids as young as third grade but mostly it’s junior high, high school, college [aged students] or adults."

“Since we run a lot of sports and the after school program we know a lot of the kids. For me, seeing the kids in the haunted house, or people we know get scared is the funniest,” said Nelson.

In addition to the haunted house, the recreation center also provides the community with extracurricular activities to enjoy though out the year.

“We offer city sports, dances, family night, and community service opportunities,” said Nelson.

The haunted house is not the only event that is going on this semester at the recreation center.

“We will have a winter ball for kindergarten [through the] sixth grade. It’s a lot of fun because the kids get dressed and come and dance the night away,” said Nelson.

If you are finding yourself interested in joining a team or just want to volunteer and give back to the Portales community, then checking out the Portales recreation center may just be right for you.

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