Target Sports Offers Firearm Classes, Including Safety

Target Sports is a new and unique indoor shooting range that was opened to the local area in June of this year, catering to beginning shooters, advanced shooters, and every experience level in-between.

The indoor shooting range allows shooters to experience the safety and comfort of a range without having to travel back and forth between the classroom and the range itself.

Target Sports Director of Education, Mike Rohan, instructing one of many courses offered at the indoor range

Free gun rentals are conveniently provided by the company, so customers do not have to own a firearm to go to the range and shoot. All that is needed to access the range is any driver’s license or state identification, which can be from out of state, that shows that the user is over 21 years of age.

On Saturday, November 5th, Target Sports hosted its Basic Handgun Course from 9 a.m. to 5 pm. Safe handling, child safety, storage of a firearm, handgun operation and cleaning, proper shooting fundamentals, and skill development were all covered within the course. The course is one of many that the range offers.

Other instructional classes offered by Target Sports besides the Basic Handgun Course include New Mexico Concealed Carry, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, Ladies Self Defense, Ladies Only Classes and Range Time, Advanced Handgun, One on One, and Intro to AR-15.

Graphic by Chelsie Arnold

“Something super unique that we have that not a lot of places in the country have is a firearm simulator for the classroom. So if you’re worried about shooting a gun or you’re having trouble with the idea of it or anything like that, you can come out. We have laser targets and real world scenarios that we also use in our Concealed Carry class. It kind of gives you that step-up process to get you ready to go out and shoot a gun,” said Target Sports Director of Education, Mike Rohan.

The simulator is offered with all of Target Sports classes, which allows people with lower experience levels an opportunity to obtain a good foundation in a secure and safe environment that is protected from the weather to learn. By starting out with a laser gun, the user can then move onto the next steps once they are comfortable.

Rohan says he most enjoys teaching new shooters. “New shooters are my favorite shooters to teach. All sorts of folks get nervous. Truthfully, I enjoy getting them out there and seeing the smile on their face when shooting a gun for the first time or finally getting confident with being safe with handguns. It’s really rewarding for me,” Rohan said.

Target Sports President, Wayne Berry, said that the concept to bring an indoor shooting range to the area came to him after going to an alternate range in the local community.

“On a windy March day we had to drive out to a gravel pit to do the shooting. The guy who taught the concealed carry class and I were discussing how nice it would be to have an indoor range. One thing lead to another and two years later, there it is. It’s a good market. We have [Cannon Air Force Base] and so we have all the airmen and Cannon certainly supports us. The community as a whole has been extremely supportive of an indoor gun range. About half of our team members actually live in Portales, so we are getting a lot of support out of the Portales community as well,” said Berry.

The range offers special pricing to college students and military members, at $242 per year, which allows full access to the range. This one-year contract can also be broken into monthly payments of $22 per month. The daily rate for university students is $15 per day, so if they shoot more than once per month it is more cost efficient to sign up for a membership.

Students also receive ten percent off of range ammunition and any classes taken with Rohan, as well as 25 percent off of any firearms on the rental wall that they decide to purchase. However, Target Sports also allows all shooters “test drive” their guns before buying.

“With most gun stores - if you go in and you’re looking at a weapon - they may let you hold it and get a feel to see if you like it but that’s about it. Here at Target Sports, because we have the range, you can kind of test drive a gun like you would test drive a truck. We have about 50 or 60 guns that folks can rent and try out before they actually purchase it,” said Target Sports General Manager Dale Arnold.

A 30 day “No Regrets” policy is also offered by the company that permits buyers to return a gun within 30 days if they decide they don’t like it for a full refund. A free hour of training is included with the purchase of a firearm to ensure user confidence.

The range offers one-on-one classes any day of the week at any time they are open, which allows students time to shoot within their fluctuating schedule.

“If someone has a morning class and they want to come in right after that before their evening class we can absolutely squeeze them in. We do a unique conceal and carry class where we break it up into five different parts, so that way if a student doesn’t want to commit a whole weekend to a conceal carry class they can actually break it up into five three hour parts whenever they have time during the week which is nice for their schedule,” Rohan said.

The building was previously the Cannon Federal Credit Union Building, but was gutted and remodeled to contain all of Target Sports’ offices, classrooms, and retail space. The state-of-the-art indoor range was built off of the back, which features 16 lanes divided in half with bays of eight each. This allows for privacy between the two halves so that classes can be taught on one side while the other side remains opened to the public.

“One of the reasons we have our lanes divided into two bays is so that a group of friends can rent a bay for either two hours or four hours and we can also have catering provided by partnering with different restaurants in town. Guests can take advantage of our full simulator. It’s a very interesting and unique thing that nobody else is able to offer. You’re able to use that and our kitchen for your dining and then go out and shoot. We’ve done weddings, bachelor parties, and several events for Cannon Air Force Base,” said Arnold.

Guest rentals are customizable and Target Sports has hosted a handful already at a cost of $12 to $13 per plate, depending on the restaurant chosen by the group and the number of attendees. The cost to rent out a bay is approximately $150 for a two hour block.

Graphic by Chelsie Arnold

For more information about Target Sports, like their Facebook page or visit Target Sports may also be reached via phone at 575.935.4044 or email at

Range location:

1654 US Highway 60/84

Clovis, New Mexico 88101


Monday - Friday: 10AM - 8PM

Saturday - 10AM - 8PM

Sunday - 11AM - 6PM

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