Goolsby Opens New Coffee Shop in Town

It is a known statistic that video rental is on the way out, what is less well known is that Portales, NM, is one of the relatively few towns across the United States that still have a video rental store. Landall’s Box Office is a beloved fixture of the town, and has been running for 25 years now. In the interest of moving onto what is next, and to keep the shop going, owner Landall Goolsby is moving on to the coffee business.

Sweetwaters Coffee is the shop now running alongside the video rental store, and it will bring many things that are unavailable in the area.

“We will have premium coffee, that may cost a bit more but is worth the quality,” said Goolsby.

After having moved this shop just this past summer, Goolsby has been planning the coffee shop ever since they opened in the new store, but they ran into a number of problems.

“We’re making coffee where they used to sell mattresses,” said Goolsby of the last shop to run in the space located at 421 S Avenue C, and how the space was vastly unprepared to provide the water and electricity needed to run a coffee shop.

This has accounted for the changing opening dates, and the soft opening the store received two weeks ago.

Goolsby stated that he wanted to be smart, rather than fast. Most of the time spent these past few weeks has been used to test the equipment and ensure that the coffee and the food are up to standards.

The coffee shop has welcoming décor, with paintings of superheroes enjoying coffee adorning the walls. The shop also shares a name and concept with the new Sweetwaters Coffee in Clovis, which was opened by Goolsby’s sister this past summer.

Goolsby said that she was originally going to open one in Portales, but after finding the perfect place in Clovis, they decided to set up shop there. Both are bringing in premium coffee from a local roaster in Albuquerque, and want to provide both Portales and Clovis with unique coffee drinking experiences.

Sweet waters Coffee at Landall’s announces what hours they will be open on their Facebook page along with daily specials.

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