La Casa Gives Back to the Community

One of many organizations in Portales and surrounding areas are coming together to help provide some families with all the ingredients they need to have a complete Thanksgiving meal during this upcoming holiday. La Casa and their staff are coming together to help these families who are in need this Thanksgiving. Their employees are donating the ingredients which these baskets will be made of.

“This year we really relied on our employees to make donations and the organization as a whole will be donating all of the turkeys for each basket,” according to Kaitlyn White, Marketing Director at La Casa and Coordinator for Thanksgiving Basket Distribution.

These baskets ensure that some families who may not be able to provide a Thanksgiving meal for numerous reason will be provided one. This act of kindness may be considered something really small to some but a huge act to the recipients of these baskets. Many people do not realize providing a Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings is not always easy.

The La Casa staff determines which families will greatly benefit from these Thanksgiving baskets when they are distributed.

“Our staff members are the ones who collect the names for the list. They work really closely with our patients in areas that are not only confined to Healthcare. So they have a really good understanding as to what the family’s needs are and who may appreciate having that extra hand for Thanksgiving,” said White.

By distributing these baskets it helps La Casa give back to their patients and their community.

“Everyone here cares about the community and they want everyone to come together and give back and to continue to further our mission in Portales and all of the other communities that we serve. So it’s just a really great opportunity to have people working together for something great,” said White.

Kaitlyn White, Marketing Director at La Casa Services and Coordinator for Thanksgiving Basket Distribution and Celina Stroup, HR at La Casa unloading the 10 bags of potatoes Stroup brought in for the Thanksgiving Baskets. Photo by Jena Slater

“We have can goods, fresh items like pies and rolls and obviously the turkey as well that we all chip in and then decorate the basket and then give it to the family,” said White. “We would be happy to accept donations for other people if they would like to help us out also that would be great.”

“We have clinics in Portales, Clovis, Roswell, and Hondo, and all of those sites distribute turkey baskets in each of their communities,” said White.

Some Eastern New Mexico University students’ shared why they believe La Casa will make a positive impact on the families who receive the Thanksgiving Baskets.

“I think that anytime we as a community or people in the helping profession have an opportunity to give back to the community and do something for families and people who are less fortunate that always a statement about who we are and what we’re here to do,” said junior James Padilla.

“I think it’s going to a good cause for those families who can’t afford that kind of stuff, so it’s good that they will be getting them,” according to junior Matthew Velletta.

“Any youth organization that helps out with Thanksgiving Baskets or you know it really benefits the family so kids have a good meal for holidays,” said junior Andrew Sanchez.

“I think that’s really sweet the families will be able to have a Thanksgiving Dinner,” said freshman Hannah Abreu.

La Casa’s staff is coming together to help bring the community together so they can positively impact the lives of some of the families who are need of a little assistance during this Thanksgiving.

“Our organization is really invested in the community. You know were focused on families. This is just one of the many ways throughout the year that we like to try and give back,” said White.

It is a great opportunity for La Casa to show how much they care not only about themselves but giving back to their patients and community too. Overall, the Thanksgiving Baskets are a wonderful to help families in need by providing them a Thanksgiving Basket filled with all the ingredients they will need to make a Thanksgiving meal this year.

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