Portales Debuts Furniture and Home Decor Store

Damsels in Distressed, a store that recently opened here in Portales, is off to a great start. Lezlie and Amanda Privett, worked long hours to make sure that everything was prepared for the opening of their new store selling “custom creations, furniture, décor, and gifts”.

It is truly a unique place, and it is obvious to anyone who takes a step inside that a lot of thought, effort, and hard work was put into the store’s creation. The inspiration for the store they explained, began as a hobby.

“We collected junk and repurposed it. I think I’ve always done it,” said Lezlie.

Everything that Damsels in Distressed sells is handmade, almost all of it by the co-owners themselves. They also can redo and customize furniture for customers.

“They can bring us old furniture that they have, and we can repaint it and refurbish it. We have a lady right now that sent us pictures of what she wants on her dining room hutch, and we’re going to do it the way she wants it,” Lezlie stated.

As with any big project, the opening of the store was not without challenges. They explained that one of the most difficult aspects was the timing, especially because their family and friends mostly work during the day, and were only available to help on nights and weekends. The process overall took two years, from start to finish.

“Working with a super old building was a challenge, trying to make it the way we wanted it to look,” said Amanda.

Even through the challenges, they were able to accomplish a lot, and completely transformed the building into exactly what they had imagined.

The Privett’s are both very excited about the opening, and also excited to see what the future holds in terms of Damsels in Distressed. They looking forward to being a family run business and contributing to the surrounding community.

“We want to be able to share our creations and share our faith at the same time,” said Amanda.

Damsels in Distressed is now open and is located at 1408 South Avenue D in Portales.

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