Kappa Delta Pi Hosts Educator Forum

Broadening young minds is a powerful profession. You have the chance to shape students into what they aspire to be and what their hopes Kappa Delta Pi hosted an education forum on November 16 regarding education, and gave insight to students who are interested in the rewarding profession.

Kappa Delta Pi Education Forum

Briana Pintor is the president of Kappa Delta Pi put together the education forum with the help of the rest of the chapter. Pintor is a junior here at Eastern New Mexico University who is majoring in Special Education with a math endorsement.

"Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society for education, and it is an old chapter that we reinstalled in October," said Pintor.

Aside from the Greek chapters that are here on campus, there are honor societies such as Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha and Lambda Alpha-Beta.

According to Pintor, "Kappa Delta Pi offers education majors a community to grow with and learn from. The events we host are centered around developing as educators and becoming better prepared teacher candidates."

Apart from being an honor society, Kappa Delta Pi offers beneficial opportunities to their members regarding their career choice.

“I had a teacher in high school t[that showed] the great impact that teachers can have on students. I also worked with students with disabilities in high school which inspired me to pursue special education,” said Pintor.

Teachers have the ability to be a great mentor to their students and someone they look up to until their adulthood.

Additionally, this forum helped students get an insight into their future career and other questions they might have about their field.

“Tonight's forum was focused on getting advice and real stories from teachers around Portales to both encourage students and inform us of what we might expect as we move further in our careers,” said Pintor. “The teachers discussed some of their obstacles that they've had to face, their moments of defeat, their funniest and favorite moments of teaching, and some tips on how to accommodate and how to be successful in the classroom.”

Teaching is so much more than getting an apple on your desk and a gold star at the end of the day. It is raw moments of emotion and the joy you get seeing your students succeed.

The forum was not only insightful to future educators, but there was a great turn out.

“The educators were from Portales [schools, including] Lindsey Steiner, Portales High School, and Brown Early Childhood Center. We had around 27 students and around five to eight staff [members] that attended the event.”

If you found yourself thinking of a teacher that helped you grow or made an impact on your life-make sure to tell them.

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