Hanging of the Greens

The Hanging of the Greens is an opportunity to impact the lives of children at the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home. Hanging of The Greens gives ASAB an opportunity to give back to the Portales and Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) community and allows students who are attending ENMU to help give these children a wonderful Christmas by sponsoring them.

ASAB had signups the week of November 11, 2016 for ENMU students to register to sponsor a child from one of these two homes. Students were able to register either at during tabling or at the Campus Life Office if they could not make it to tabling.

“There’s an actual list of the kids and they’ll say they like hobbies, three things I want, three things I need, [and their] favorite color. [Students] pick their kid based on what they see in the profile and then they sign up for it like name, phone number, email, and it’s just pretty simple,” according to sophomore and director of the Hanging of the Greens, Rhiannon Barela.

All of the children got sponsored during the week of registration. Even after registration ended, there were still people asking to sponsor a child. This event majorly impacts the directors, the ENMU students, and the children and parents who come. This event proves to be an emotional time for many members of ASAB.

“I think to the kids it means someone actually cares, someone actually wants to participate in it and they aren’t being forced to do it. We always get people who come in after the fact,” according to graduate assistant Zulma Morantes.

“The day of the actual event when everyone comes in and the kids are all happy. To see all the gifts on stage and everything,” said Morantes of her favorite part of the event.

“I think the purpose of Hanging of the Greens is to give a Christmas to the kids that usually don’t get a Christmas like we do,” according to student body president Joshua Alvarez. “They do not truly get a Christmas. I think for us it’s kind of like it is our philanthropy event it’s kind of our event to make sure they feel like they will have a Christmas this year, not only the presents but with the activities that we have.”

“It also helps the parents not have to worry about buying a ton of presents or it is just a way to kind of bring us spirit to the community,” according to senior Kristein Benjamin. “I think it’s just an exciting way for them to be involved throughout the year as ASAB bring entertainment to campus and this is just kind of a way that we are able to give back and that the students I think it is really exciting for them to know they made an impact in someone’s life.”

Some of the students around ENMU did not really know about Hanging of the Greens but they expressed their beliefs about why they feel it is important for ASAB and impacts, the children’s lives as well.

“I know a lot of people who would do it and sponsor it,” according to freshman Holly Aslem. “It’s a really nice thing to do and it gives back to the people and the kids.”

Another student who weighed in and expressed why she believes it is a good opportunity is Ashley Parker.

“[The Hanging of The Greens] lets [the children] get to know that people care about them,” according to freshman Ashley Parker.

The Hanging of The Greens will be held on Monday November 21, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Campus Union Ballroom (CUB). There will be other activities for the children including bounce houses, storytelling and coloring stations, as well as food.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the students to get involved with Hanging of The Greens. Everyone is welcome to attend to help impact the lives of these children during the event.


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