Decompressing for Finals

Dead week and finals week is already upon us Greyhounds, and the looming gloom of final papers, projects and tests are filling our brains. You are probably watching Netflix while consuming copious amounts of caffeine.

However, despite all the stress you have been feeling, there are ways to decompress and unwind amidst all the chaos that has been surrounding you all semester.

  1. Sit in nature: Although it is hard to get the real feel of nature surrounding you in Eastern New Mexico, there are spots around campus, local parks, or in the Clovis area that can make you feel like you are in another place and time.

  2. Meditation: Meditation is a great way to decompress and get in touch with you inner self. You learn to live in the present and really give gratitude.

  3. Go on an electronic cleanse: As many of us do, we can get distracted by our electronic devices and spend hours refreshing our news feeds when you do not even have notifications. Instead of being attached to your cellphone, try to turn it off and see how much you accomplish by not looking at a screen.

  4. Take a long drive with your favorite music: Clovis is in close proximity to Portales and this makes a perfect getaway even if it is only twenty to thirty minutes. Pump up the jams and get lost on the road ahead.

  5. Yoga: Whether you have a mat or not, yoga is a great way to release toxins that you have been carrying with you. There are a plethora of poses to help with releasing stress on the web, or head to your local yoga studio.

  6. Take a nap: Despite what your head says, who does not love a good nap? You get to escape reality for a little and drift off into a blissful sleep.

As the semester begins to unwind, do not put more stress on yourself than there needs to be. Soon, you will be back home hibernating for the rest the months of December and January.

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