Tips to Relieve Stress Before Finals Week

Stress in college is constant, but the hectic deadlines that surround the weeks winding down a semester and the dreaded week of finals can be difficult to cope with.

Some students take over 18 credit hours per semester, work jobs (full or part time), and also take part in other activities or clubs that require them to meet at least once per week. Adulthood is a busy task already - adding college in the mix can be overwhelming at times. Planning ahead, staying organized, and giving yourself a breather can help you make it through the madness of an important time in the semester that is vital to your success.

Dr. ShinHwa Lee, an ENMU Assistant Professor of Counseling and Graduate Coordinator, gave us her top three tips for coping with end of the semester stress.

1. Plan ahead and create a study schedule.

2. Break down studying into small steps and make a realistic goals based on your attention span or capacity. For example, your goal for a day would be finishing one subject. Break it down as several small goals like complete one or two chapters and take a little break and give yourself a small reward. Go for the next small goal.

3. Know your physical and mental limitations

a. Eat and sleep well or at least the amount that still allows your body and mind to normally function.

b. Give a break to your body and mind (e.g., meditation, listen to soothing music, take a hot bath, go for a walk, use stress balls, etc.)

c. If you really need some help, seek counseling service.

With some organization and planning, this time of the semester doesn’t have to be as grueling as it may seem. Good luck on finals!

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