ENMU Alum and Artist Jacob L. Lee

Eastern Alumni, Jacob L. Lee, continues to share his experiences as an upcoming artist and hardworking individual. Leaving the Ramah Navajo reservation, Lee sought to obtain his higher education at Eastern where he majored in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. When asked how Public Relations impacted his life he responded by saying,“Public relations in the beginning stages was something I was afraid of and intimidated by. Later I found public relations was a great stage of opportunity to get people to listen, laugh, and most importantly inspire people of all creeds, backgrounds, and genders! Public relations is a bag you can carry wherever you go and learn from people all over the world and can be used as a platform to speak to the masses!”

Born for two clans: the two people who came to the river and the salt water people, Lee strives to encourage people to follow their passion. Lee believes ENMU prepared him well for his future and emphasizes that people need to take initiative and pursue opportunities in life. ENMU has opened his eyes and allowed him to interact with a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff. He feels as though nothing can really prepare a person until they experience a challenge, first-hand. Although bad things happen, he believes that everything happens for a reason.

“The bigger picture takes its sweet time to arrive but when it does, it is important to remember it is for benefit of a greater platform, just depends what you focus on most,” says Lee.

Outside of Eastern, Lee has acquired the taste of real life as he now owns a new business in Albuquerque, NM. There, he creates custom jewelry pieces and paintings that reflect life and all its wonder. Through his dedication and hard work, he hopes to inspire those around him.

A typical day for Lee starts around 8 or 9 a.m. where he begins to prepare his work stations. The day is always begun with a prayer. The rest of the day consists of working on projects left and right.

His hardships have paved the way and lead him to where he is now. After quitting a job working in a factory, he was left homeless; for some time, he lived at a gas station parking lot on the out skirts of Albuquerque, NM. The factory was not how he envisioned living his life, so he set off to find his calling. Never giving up hope, Lee would continuously pray, pray things would get better and that he would survive.

“Challenges are the special secret to great success! A few major challenges I had faced was many people saying it was not possible and just get a real job. Patience is a great challenge because all great things take time. Overnight success is an illusion many get suckered into, but it takes countless hours and retrys. Many ideas are there most of the time you have to build some ties over and over again until it is right,” Lee says.

“Innovation has many challenges and is easy to quit but the reward of living a lifetime to inspire will forever be alive long after I am gone.”

Lee's plans to expand his shops where he is able to market in more vast areas. As for his personal life, he hopes to inspire people and help them believe that nothing is impossible. During his free time he enjoys going to new places, meeting new people, and loves music. His guilty pleasure is learning and trying new things.

Throughout his journey, he hopes to never lose sight of the bigger picture: striving every day to encourage people to think differently, never settle, and never give up. Ayóó’ánííníshní.

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