Celebrate the Festival Romanico at ENMU on February 17

On Friday, February 17, Eastern New Mexico University will be hosting their annual Festival Romanico in the Campus Union Building (CUB) Ballroom. This year, Festival Romanico will bring together local high school students to celebrate culture and the beauty of language.

From the captivating Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, to the historic Alhambra fortress in Granada, students will have an opportunity to create the landmarks of Spanish speaking countries. Later, students will have the option to enter their craft in a contest which will be judged on three separate categories: originality, quality, and cultural content.

After organizing Festival Romanico for 19 years, Dr. Contreras remarks that the festival is one of the liveliest events. Throughout the day there will be an array of verbal competitions and events including presentations of memorized poems or style pieces, group dramatics (skits), and talent shows. “That’s the fun part, everyone wants to be a part of it, students dance and everyone is excited in the Ballroom,” says Dr. Contreras. All ENMU students are encouraged to attend on their breaks or in between classes.

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