Forensic Science Society: On the Move

Next week, 18 members of the ENMU Forensic Science Society will attend the American Academy of Forensic Science's Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans. This is the largest meeting of academic forensic scientists in the United States.

This is not the first year that the Forensic Science Society has had members attend the meeting, but it is the first year they will be taking such a large percentage of their membership. The 18 members that will be attending come from four undergraduate classifications.

Norma Ibarra, the president of the Forensic Science Society, shared that the meeting will have presentations, workshops, and other educational venues regarding 11 different emphases within the field of forensic science.

"They even have some lectures about digital aspects of forensics. There is a little bit of everything for everyone," Ibarra said.

Students in attendance will be able to see real-world examples of what they learn about in ENMU classrooms. In addition to the educational opportunity, there is a benefit of networking for those in attendance seeking graduate programs and a future career in the industry. If that wasn’t enough, students will also have a chance to meet an ENMU alumni at the meeting.

"Our previous president is now the president of the Young Forensic Scientist Forum. It's really cool that an Eastern student is in that position. She will be presenting research," Ibarra said.

The trip is made possible due to fundraising efforts by members of the club. Attending members also received some financial assistance from the Associated Students of ENMU.

"We've been working really hard on fundraising," Ibarra emphasized.

Fundraisers were held at Mark's Grill, as well as on the ENMU campus. Members were able to work at Mark's Grill to earn tips to put towards the trip. On the ENMU campus, a bake sale was held with homemade deserts made by Forensic Science Society members.

Ibarra shared that she hopes the club will send members to the meeting annually.

"It's a huge trip so we would have to start fundraising for next year almost as soon as we get back," Ibarra said.

Regardless, it will surely be a benefit to have the attending students proudly representing all Greyhounds in New Orleans at the 2017 meeting.

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