Breakfast for Babies event helps raise awareness for ASENMU Up 'til Dawn

Pancakes, orange juice and bacon served a higher purpose than simply “the most important meal of the day” last week at ENMU. On Friday, February 17, 2017, organizers for a fundraiser called Up 'til Dawn hosted “Breakfast for Babies” at the ENMU Baptist Student Union.

Students and members of the surrounding communities were able to purchase a ticket to be served a breakfast plate. All proceeds contributed to a running, fundraising total for this years Up 'til Dawn event.

Kennedy Karsten, the executive director for Up 'til Dawn, shared her belief that the philanthropy is important because it helps raise awareness about something happening outside of our own community.

"I think it's important for college students to realize everything else that is going on in the world," Karsten said.

Up 'til Dawn is a collegiate program offered by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and ENMU is the only university in New Mexico that has elected to participate. Students can register for the program online and begin fundraising to contribute to a running total raised by the university as a whole.

All those who contribute are invited to stay 'Up 'til Dawn' at the all-night event as a method of awareness for childhood cancer research and all the challenges that children receiving cancer treatments are up against.

Last year, the total amount of funds raised by ENMU exceeded $45,000. Certain incentives are offered for completing individual fundraising milestones such as branded drinkware or apparel.

Up 'til Dawn at ENMU is put on by the Associated Students of Eastern New Mexico University.

This was the first year that Breakfast for Babies has been held and was only one of many fundraising events put on by the Executive Board Members for ENMU's Up 'til Dawn.

The board has held a yard sale, fundraised at ENMU athletics events, as well as other various fundraisers throughout the year.

In addition to the events held by the board, various individuals as well as student organizations hold fundraising events privately. One such example is a fundraiser held at Goober McCool's where a cover charge was implemented for one night and the proceeds were donated.

Breakfast for Babies was able to raise $200 for Up 'til Dawn. Brad Mauldin, the advisor for ASENMU, shared that he believed the event was successful overall.

"I'm very proud of Kennedy and her team's efforts and the overall efforts of ASENMU related to fundraising associated with Up 'til Dawn," Mauldin said.

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