Student Spotlight: Kyree Mackey

Kyree Mackey, a 20-year-old Eastern New Mexico University student from Hobbs, first thought of attending Eastern with her late Grandfather and Father in mind. Today, the ambitious, creative, and sociable student is now making her time at Portales’ campus an experience to remember on her own.

Sophomore student, Kyree Kaye Mackey’s deciding factor to make the move to ENMU came with the help of the campus’ annual Drama Festival. Although Mackey had positive family influences, Mackey was excited to attend school and break into the film making business.

Eastern’s digital film making program was a perfect fit to assist Mackey with her goal of one day creating her own film and production company. To develop her skills, Mackey is an active member of Eastern’s Film Club.

Mackey’s involvement doesn’t stop there as she is also a member of Multicultural and African American Affairs, and The Brothers and Sisters United organizations on campus.

Among other things, Mackey is a student advocate of diversity and support, she believes that it is important for college campuses to be aware of the different backgrounds of students. In fall of 2016, Mackey eagerly became ENMU’s African American Affairs Director.

“It has been very energizing and has helped me become more of a leader,” said Mackey.

So far, her experience as director has challenged and encouraged her to lead rather than stand in the background.

As director, the most memorable moment was seeing all of AA Affair’s events and ideas finalized. Fulfilment for Mackey came after seeing the end product that her and the AA Affair’s office worked hard to put together and validated that everything was falling into place.

Mackey continues to attend all events held by AA Affairs and will be begin to focus her attention on the Graduation Honoring Banquet that will be held by her office.

Communicating well within different environments has proved to be one of Mackey’s strengths as a student and a leader. “Everyone needs support and encouragement,” said Mackey, she looks forward to continuing her education at a campus that continues to make students and the community aware of diversity.

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