Finding Your Driving Force with Dr. Karissa Culbreath

In addition to teaching, Dr. Karissa Culbreath, Assistant Professor of Pathology at University of New Mexico School of Medicine, has recently become a new children’s author, releasing her first book this past month. As a precursor to Women’s History Month, Eastern New Mexico University’s African American Affairs invited Dr. Culbreath to visit campus and conduct a leadership workshop on Thursday, February 23, 2017.

In college, Culbreath found a love for science which developed into a stronger passion for writing. While reflecting on her years of college, Culbreath said “there’s never been a time that I haven’t loved science…the whole foundation of being a scientist is asking the question ‘why this’ and ‘why that’, it just comes with our nature.” Admittedly, English had never been Culbreath’s strong suit during college; however, she uncovered become empowered through writing and expression. She wrote ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ in hopes of reaching younger audiences.

Born and raised Albuquerque, Culbreath found it is important for everyone to find a passion—a driving force. She emphasizes that “when we are authentic and our authentic selves, we are then able to accomplish our assignment on this Earth.” The mother of two says her family is the driving force by which she finds the strength to invoke positive change.

Culbreath’s workshop, “Finding Your Driving Force,” was specifically geared towards leadership and discovering our own leadership roles. The board-certified microbiologist discussed how fear may enable individuals from pursuing their goals. Easier said than done, by eliminating distraction, we’re able to focus on our passions, goals, and future careers. Moreover, Culbreath used her four-year journey in creating her book, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” as a prime example that ideas can become reality.

Before departing ENMU campus, Culbreath encouraged students to set out and become leaders, be aware of the fears, and pursue your goals.

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