Greyhound Football Team Recruits High School Students

On March 31, 2017, Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) hosted Walk On Day for New Mexico high school football players, non-scholarship athletes. Though the New Mexico high school attendance is great, the team also has student athletes visiting from the Colorado and Texas areas. While on campus, high school students learned about the Football Program offered at ENMU and were given the chance to continue well into their college years.

Photo Courtesy by JJ Gies

“They [visiting athletes] have that kind of access and the ability to ask questions, to understand the process, the same way that anyone with a scholarship player can,” said Ivan Cordova, Defensive Coordinator for ENMU’s Football team.

Unfortunately, not every player gets to benefit from scholarships while being a member of a college football team. This raises challenging limitations for the team, coaches, and potential players. Since colleges can only provide a limited number of scholarships, coaches are left with the issue of “how much money schools can invest in scholarships, NCAA limitations, as far as our equivalency and how many scholarships we can actually award,” said Cordova. In fact, one of the major challenges the football team faces is having limited funding for scholarships and stilling having to fill positions on the field. However, the obstacle hasn’t stopped the ENMU football team and their endeavor to recruit high school students wanting to play for the Greyhounds.

“I think the important thing is that they [visiting athletes] know they are going to represent a team,” said Cordova.

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