ENMU Students Share Their Favorite Restaurants

In the small town of Portales, where do Eastern New Mexico students go to grab a bite to eat? Finding an affordable place to grab something and go can leave students with few options. While Portales may not be the largest town, the small town does offer great places to eat which cater to a college student budget.

While many students eat at the Crossroads Café Dinning Hall located on campus, some prefer their favorite spots to eat in town: El Rancho and Something Different Grill. Furthermore, students were adamant that these two restaurants offer a wide selection of food and a friendly atmosphere for all of their customers.

Walking into El Rancho, guests are immediately greeted by one of the staff members. The restaurant has a homey feel and makes customers feel comfortable and relaxed. The staff are friendly and attentive, constantly making sure you’re taken care of.

From Mexican classics to American diner staples, El Rancho serves it all. One of the crowd favorites at El Rancho are the stuffed sopapillas, filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and more. ENMU student, Kennedy Haverland, said her favorite thing at El Rancho is “their breakfast buffets on Sundays.” For $8.99, students can get their choice of a wide variety of breakfast foods, such as biscuits and gravy or New Mexico Green Chile potatoes.

While Something Different Grill is a family oriented establishment, the Italian themed interior screams elegance. “It is very classy. Sometimes you can forget you are in Portales,” said ENMU student, D’Anna Pleasant. Some of the student favorites are the Jacked-Up Spud and Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. Their strawberry lemonade is also quite popular among ENMU students. Moreover, the food is always brought out by one of their servers who are “really nice and easy to talk to,” said ENMU student, Jovani Gallegos.

Indeed, a friendly atmosphere and quick dinning service seems to go a long way among Eastern New Mexico University students. The next time you’re feeling hungry, be adventurous and try a new spot in the town of Portales, New Mexico. There are more choices than you think, and you may just stumble upon a new favorite restaurant.

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