Bucket Lists, Robotic Butlers, and Celebrity Presidencies: Outlook For 2037

Members of the Eastern New Mexico community shared their thoughts, hopeful guesses, and bucket list items that they’d like to see fulfilled in the year 2037. Celebrity presidencies, Astronautical research, and full-service robot maids are just a few of the perks local residents are looking forward to in 20 years.

Robotic butlers, maids, and less persimmon-hued government leaders may be a dream for some, but Thomas Germain, ENMU senior, had a different idea of the sort of advancement he would like to see in 20 years. “I want to have a better understanding of the effects of medicine on astronauts because of their altered physiologies,” says Germain, “everything we know is based on gravity, so to understand beyond that would be the goal.” Additionally, an alternate goal, or bucket list item for Germain is to skydive by 2037 and to travel across Thailand and Australia. Who wouldn’t love to see ripped kick-boxing kangaroos, or the ancient ruins of a land 20 flight hours away? But one of the biggest topics here at home surrounding the current year, is former reality star, Donald Trump’s presidency. Susan Troglia, a local community member, imagined a new, less ‘Trump-tastic,’ celebrity contender to take the seat in The Oval Office saying, “I used to want Oprah to try and run for office, but she’s not so much on my list anymore…instead I’d want Jason Statham, because he’d kick everybody’s butt. I think Jason Statham would be good just because of all the crazy roles he plays.” As an alternative, community member, Patrick Chavez, envisioned actor Lawrence Fishburne, commonly known as Morpheus from The Matrix, as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief. “Fishburne, from Boyz in the Hood, he seems like a very intelligent man that we’d need for a leader,” says Chavez. An intelligent POTUS isn’t all Chavez is looking forward to in the year 2037. “I’d want a full on robotic maid, like Rosy from The Jetsons, that would zip around cleaning everything so we won’t have to,” said Chavez.

In the year 2037, community members each had a different outlook on what the world would look like, but all shared a lasting piece of similarly positive advice that will still be valuable for them in 20 years that still rings true today:

1. “Surround yourself with ambitious people. To be a successful you want to surround yourself with ambitious and likeminded people.” – Thomas Germain

2. “Spend money wisely, save your coins, and love one another, everyone should love one another.” – Susan Troglia

3. “Don’t hold on to the ugly, all the things that make you angry or upset.” – Patrick Chavez

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