Top 5 Films in Box Office

(As of Sep 15. 2017)


Budget: $35 million

Total Gross: $158,710,619

Rating: R

While fans have many Stephen King film adaptions to choose from, the latest from Warner Bros. (New Line) just released the new and highly anticipated R Rated horror film, ‘It.’ With a budget of $35 million, the franchise grossed a total of $123,403,419 on opening weekend (Sep. 8-10) alone. The 2 hr. 15 min. film, directed by Andy Muschietti, follows the tale of Pennywise the Clown, a shapeshifting entity, that begins to deceive and hunt local children.

Home Again

Budget: $15 million

Total Gross: $18,065,444

Rating: PG-13

The new romantic comedy directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer, ‘Home Again,’ stars Reese Witherspoon as a single mom living in Los Angeles whose life gets turned upside down when she allows three younger men to move in with her. The 1 hr. 37 min. film released by Open Road Films grossed a total of $17,135,244, with the opening weekend (beginning Sept. 10) at a total of $9,028,222, but is expected to keep raking in sales during its time in theaters.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Budget: $30 million

Total Gross: $66,807,040

Rating: R

The newest Lionsgate/Summit film directed by Patrick Hughes, ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ is the fresh action-buddy comedy starring Hollywood power houses, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson, and Salma Hayek. The film has doubled its budget of $30 million, raking in just over $66 million. Comedy and action fans will see the adventures a hit man who must remain safe until it is time to testify at the International Court of Justice, alongside the world’s top body guard who must protect him.

Wind River

Budget: $11 million

Total Gross: $26,568,815

Rating: R

Jeremy Renner stars in the Taylor Sheridan drama, ‘Wind River,’ which showcases Renner as an expert tracker working with the Fish and Wildlife Service who helps investigate the murder of a young Native American woman. The 1 hr. 50 min. film released by Weinstein Company had a small budget of $11 million but has more than doubled that, grossing a total of $26,568,815.

Annabelle: Creation

Budget: $15 million

Total Gross: $97,300,361

Rating: R

‘Annabelle: Creation,’ the prequel to Warner Bros. (New Line) ‘Annabelle’ released in 2014, follows a nun and several young girls from a closed orphanage into the home of a dollmaker and his wife. The film highlights the tale of the dollmaker’s possessed invention, named Anabelle and her beginnings. The R-rated film will give viewers 1 hr. 49 min. of suspense in David F. Sandberg and Gary Dauberman’s newest supernatural horror film.

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