Dear Crabby: Stress Related Blemish

Dear Crabby,

Finals are almost here and I am becoming extremely overwhelmed with studying, final papers, and work. I’ve read and taken your advice in previous columns; the suggestions have helped to manage my stress well. However, I am experiencing one of the unfortunate results of stress—acne! I’ve never had acne before and I know it is nothing to worry about (otherwise it will get worse), but it is noticeable and makes me feel uncomfortable. My friends have suggested I cover it up with makeup, but I’ve never been the one to use makeup either. Creating more stress, I’ve been with acne for a couple weeks now and I seem to be the center of every joke in my group. Some people are just mean. To make it worse, I am attending a Christmas party next weekend and the acne doesn’t go with my outfit. Do you know of any home remedies or treatments that work fast? Am I being too self-conscious?



Dear Beautiful Person Who Happens To Have A Stress Related Blemish,

Notice that I didn’t reply to Pimple. You’re not the pimple, you’re a person. I’ve known human pimples, dear writer, and I’d be willing to bet that you’re not even close. The stress of finals can really take a toll on many things, from sleep habits to skin appearance. During this time of stress, be sure to indulge in a little self-care. Take 10 minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed to stretch and meditate. Just breathe. Be sure to wash your face before you tumble into bed after hours of studying. A little bit of make-up might help, but don’t go overboard if you’re not used to wearing it. I know that blemishes are not the best accessory when you’re trying to look great for a party, but if you don’t call attention to it, I bet very few will notice. We’re our own worst critics. As for your friends, I’m sure they’d all be thrilled if you called out all of their physical flaws. They need to lay off. The Golden Rule works, folks. Do unto others. Ultimately, the only cure for acne and stress is self-care and time. This too shall pass.

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