Daniel Franzese Inspires Artists on Campus

On Jan. 24, 2018, comedian and actor, Daniel Franzese, made a stellar performance at ENMU in the CUB Ballroom. Franzese, who is mostly known for his appearance in the widely popular movie Mean Girls, is currently touring with Brian Drolet as part of their “Yass Your AMAZING” college tour.

As the show warmed up, Drolet opened with his own style of witty punch lines, his experience in Hollywood, and reasons for collaborating with Franzese. “I chose to be a part of this tour because me and Daniel are good friends. After he told me why he wanted to do this show, I couldn’t say no and pass over an offer like this.” Franzese shared in his friend’s sentiment by saying, “I chose this tour to specifically target college students. I wanted to do this because college is different, and there are many people that come from different backgrounds. I wanted to be able to express those different diversity groups college has and bring them together.”

Photo Credit: Abigail Pino

Throughout the show Franzese certainly brought people together as he interacted with students and community members, making them feel a part of the show. He didn’t shy away from jokes about his personal life including his engagement to Joseph Philips, Italian parents, and awkward Spanish. As the show ended, he answered questions from the audience and performed his scene of “Beautiful,” from the 2004 film Mean Girls where he starred as Damion.

For aspiring artists, Franzese wanted to leave them with a message of hope: “live everyday like you’re Glenn Coco, because everyone is AMAZINGGG.”

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