Broken Glass and Littered Streets: Philadelphia Celebrations Result in Major Damages

After winning their first Super Bowl, Philadelphia fans took to the streets in celebration of their victory Sunday night. Though the victory was certainly something to witness, some fans took the celebration too far, resulting in damage across parts of the city.

According to ABC News 7, the rowdy fans flooded into the street, shooting off fireworks, breaking windows and even setting at least one fire in the middle of Broad Street. Though the city took precautions by applying grease to light poles to stop people from tipping or climbing on them, this did not stop rambunctious Eagles fans. Glass and trash littered the street, which previously hosted the 2008 Phillies’ World Series championship parade. At least three arrests were made but Philadelphia police have yet to release a report with an official amount.

Sources from NBC News 10 Philadelphia, reported that permanent damage was also done to a large awning outside a Ritz-Carlton hotel after roughly a dozen fans climbed on top, causing it to cave in and crash to the ground. The fall wasn’t enough to scare the fans as some ran off screaming, holding pieces of the broken awning with them.

In a statement to the public, Police Commissioner Richard Ross responded by saying, "The lion's share of people celebrate peacefully, but you're going to get some idiots out there that feel like, for whatever reason, they have to destroy property.” According to Ross, police had a hard time responding to certain areas of the city due to the excessive celebration. “Yours truly had one hit him in the head," said Ross, "I don't get what people do and why they do it."

Medical officials said those who were injured and admitted to hospitals, suffered head injuries, lacerations, and alcohol poisoning. Those arrested are facing criminal charges for vandalism and public indecency.

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