Woman Refuses Publicity in $560 Million Powerball Winning

The Powerball Lottery is one of the biggest in the United States, producing prizes well above $50 million. While it is typical for winners to come forward, that is not the case for a woman in New Hampshire. After winning the Powerball jackpot of $560 million, the anonymous woman refuses to go public with her win. While this wouldn’t be a problem anywhere else, in New Hampshire when a person wins they must sign the back of the ticket—this cannot be changed.

Upon signing the back of the lottery ticket, under law, the name is now public knowledge. The main problem is if the woman has written her name on the back of the lottery ticket and changes it, the ticket will become void. The last thing that a person wants to hear is that their winning $560-million lottery ticket could become void. Many lottery winners in the past have been assaulted, scammed and threatened for a hope to gain some wealth. The woman fears that if her name is to become public, her life will never be the same and could even come to an abrupt end.

A judge in Nashua, NH, assessed the case on Tuesday, Feb. 6, but a conclusion has not yet come. As of right now, the money is stagnant and withering away in the process. Reports from the woman’s attorney say that the Powerball winner is actually losing over $14,000 a day in interest. That means the woman is losing $98,000 a week and if this case goes on for months, she will lose up to $392,000 per month. Many people may not feel much sympathy for the woman, as she has won $560-million. However, the woman claims that she is already feeling unreal levels of stress over the possibility of having to go public with her winnings.

It is being argued that the public has every right to know about who wins the lottery, because the law clearly states that it is required to release the winner’s name. Failing to identify the winner could lead to a lack of trust in the lottery. This event has turned into something much greater than originally anticipated. Lawyers are now fighting for the woman’s right to claim the money in a trust; New Hampshire is one of the few states that actually allows people to do this.

A decision still has not been made on this event and there is no indication as to when the ruling will be. The woman, who signed her winning ticket following the Jan. 6 drawing, has yet to see any of her winnings and it is unknown when she will.

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