The 63rd Annual Drama Fest Draws the Crowds in Numbers

The 63rd Annual Drama Fest draws students from neighboring high schools to schools across the state. Participating students are given the opportunity to see the variety of programs and scholarship opportunities offered at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU). One of the most important goals about DRAMAFEST is to bring passionate people together and provide a space for learning.

Sarah a theater major at ENMU said, “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for the festival. When the students come to the festival they are always open minded to trying new things and learning about their craft, everyone is here to grow. I found before coming in as a freshman the workshop’s to be the most beneficial. This makes all the work we put in to the preparation of this festival worthwhile. Knowing that all our hard work is appreciated means a lot to us.”

Eastern offers a variety of different opportunities also including discussions and auditions for anyone wanting to pursue theater. While the campus community was involved, so too was the Alum community as they participated in ambassadors tours. Andrew Anaya an ENMU alumni and previous President Ambassador for Eastern said, “We are a small school but something we what we highly value is our community. Everyone is welcome and there are no labels here. We offer equal opportunities and most of the students that come for DRAMAFEST are the most excited visitors I have ever dealt with, their enthusiasm is almost contagious and it’s exactly what our university needs.”

Compared with other universities in the state, Eastern is now taking lead roll with the abundance of staff and spirit for the Theater Department growing stronger by the year.

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