ENMU President Emeritus Named Interim President of ENMU-Roswell, Presidential Search Begins

Eastern New Mexico University President Dr. Jeff Elwell met with the ENMU-Roswell Community College Board on March 21 and discussed the search for a new president and interim president at ENMU-Roswell.

After consulting with the board and listening to their concerns, Dr. Elwell decided that the interim president should not be someone who would be a candidate for the permanent presidency. Based on the feedback from the board during discussion on possible interim candidates, Dr. Elwell named ENMU President Emeritus Dr. Steven Gamble the interim president, who will serve from March 26-August 15, 2018.

The search for a permanent president will launch immediately, with a hire date of August 15, 2018.

“Dr. Gamble will do a fantastic job as the interim president at ENMU-Roswell,” said Dr. Elwell. “He already knows the faculty, staff, the Roswell Community College Board and the community. He is well-respected and beloved.”

Eloise Blake, president of the ENMU-Roswell Community College Board, said, “Dr. Gamble is a wonderful communicator and will serve us very well in our search for a permanent president. We welcome him with open arms to our campus. I will do everything in the world to help him continue what we are doing at ENMU-R: serving our students and our community.”

Dr. Gamble said, “I have worked with the people of ENMU-Roswell for the past 16 years. I know they are good people and I know that they are very good at what they do. I’m honored to serve as the interim president for a very short period of time to help them in any way I can.”

The ENMU-Roswell Community College Board will release further details on the composition of a search committee when they become available.

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