Etiquette Interview Dinner Presents an Opportunity for Students to Learn

While proper etiquette may be considered a thing of the past, students of Eastern New Mexico University showed interest in mannerisms during the Etiquette Interview Dinner on Wednesday, March 21.

As the dinner bell rang, 300 students and facility members gathered as guest speaker Sue Bracksieck expressed her knowledge on mannerisms and professional development. Bracksieck started her career at Eastern in 1999, as the enrichment specialist and special events coordinator for the Gear Up grant and recently retired in 2016. The event capitalized on learning proper etiquette, student’s interaction with other fellow students and their faculty table host. Simple tips such as which fork to use, how to butter the bread, and portion sizes were focal points for the dinner etiquette.

Jenelle Cummins, the Director of Guadeloupe Hall, recalled the event as an excellent experience for the students that can be used a great stepping-stone to real-life situations. “Many times, students are uncomfortable in situations like this, and this is a great opportunity for them to learn,” said Cummins.

Along with its hostess, Bracksieck, the event gave an in-depth tutorial on how to prepare for an interview; the individual table hosts highlighted essential interview techniques such as proper handshakes, eye contact, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Being able to know at least three of your strengths and weaknesses is crucial for any interview.

Cody Spitz, the facility host for table 30, allotted time for students to recognize some of their weaknesses, and recommended students always know how to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Spitz said, “This event is so important for juniors and seniors to be able to express themselves at a dinner interview, and the fact that there are freshmen and sophomores here is a wonderful step towards their future.”

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