Red Light, Green Light

As the sun set behind me, I had to stop for a red light in one of the cities largest congested intersections. I recall more than once the third or fourth car continuing through the intersection well after the light changed and thinking or saying some pretty awful things directed towards the drivers. Have you ever had a similar experience in traffic? Some years before, I began to do something foreign to the old me. As I would sit in traffic or sometimes when walking, I would bless people randomly as my attention went their way. I wish to define blessing to be clear. I have heard good religious people say things like, “well bless that little bastard” or something similar. I don’t mean to use the word from a place of low consciousness.

All things on earth can be explained as energy, frequency, or a vibration. Our thoughts involve all these processes, and you are like a radio beacon, literally, believe it or not. Did you know you can put your car remote unlock or alarm under your chin touching your body and double the range it will work? Try it. Our earth has a frequency of 432 hertz. When you go for a walk, your frequency adjusts to the earth. Tree huggers know more than some think. Notice after a walk, the beach, the grass, how refreshed you feel. True blessing is not looking at someone and finding faults to bless. That is egotistical super driven by ego which congratulates you spotted faults.

Authentic blessing is using your soul faculty to bless the others soul, acknowledging ‘before me is an eternal being and my light sends you light.’ I began this practice long ago. On the evening mentioned above, I blessed a woman in a red car in front of me in such a way. It feels good to use your light spontaneously as much as we can be mindful to moment-to-moment. I proceeded on as the road narrowed to one lane headed to teach a class on prosperity principles in a community church.

As I entered the parking lot and exited my car, nearby a red car pulled in. I thought to myself, “that looks very much like the car I blessed a few miles ago.” Out stepped a woman who said to me, “excuse me, but what is this place and who are you?” I explained it was a church I was heading in to teach a class, the subject, and invited her in. Just as we began, she spoke up and asked if she could share something with us. I go with the flow and said, “Sure, please do.”

“I live in New Orleans in a rough part of public housing. Today two gangs began shooting at one another, bullets flying about my apartment, and I had to lay on the floor and began praying asking God what to do? The answer I got was get in the car and start driving north. When the gunfire stopped, I grabbed a couple of things and took off north. About fifteen minutes ago, I was sitting in an intersection wondering how far north and God told me to follow the car on my left, and it was this man I followed here.” From my point of view, that was the class period. I shared my blessing of her a little earlier.

We are energy; our thoughts have frequency and vibration. If we truly grasp it, time and distance do not matter. She used her word “God” informed her to drive and she acted without the full picture. I make no claims to having the full picture and frankly enjoy the joys of the mystery we’re brought when we use the light we have. I use many words, Creator, Creation, God, Holy Eternal Spirit and more. Regardless of name, all source from the One.

I offered my guest room to this woman, and we spoke for many hours over two days. We had different upbringing, different genders, different races and ONE GOD we both listened to and acted on our highest light in what we were presented in the moment.

This little sharing is designed to be tested, do not simply take anything untested. I am asking you for one day this week decide and bless people randomly in the grocery store, in traffic, the post-office, on your walk, in the gym or where ever life takes you and see how your energy vibration frequency noticeably changes. You may find people like I did once in front of the local post office where I blessed a man opposite side of the street and he stopped turned and yelled very loudly, “Hey mister I got it, I’m serious I got it!” and we both smiled and went on to the next part of the day. I have tasked many students with this exercise and the reports back always amaze me as much as I realize we are instruments. To be used with conscious intentions is a joyful way to live. It is the peace that passes all understanding. It makes good self-esteem child’s play compared to relinquishing our will to a higher use.

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