Student government plans for homecoming

The Easter New Mexico University Student Government held their first meeting of the school year on Aug. 28 in the council chambers.

  • Vice President Adliene Adame called the meeting to order at 6 p.m., welcoming all senators and guests.

  • Senate members discussed homecoming and if the food should be served before the bonfire or after. Adame asked the opinions of the senators and what they think of serving food, saying they are expected to serve more then 600 people on the night on the bonfire.

  • Sen. Joseph Gergel brought up an issue with the lighting around campus, saying he walked around campus, and some of the lighting wasn’t working. He said he plans to follow up with the ENMU Physical Plant to get the issue resolved.

  • Gergel announced that forms for student concerns were up online, and he will be tabling Friday in the CUB for student concerns. The forum for student concerns will be the first Monday of November. Gergel said he is also looking for two more senators to join him to lobby in Santa Fe in early January.

  • Sen. Jovani Gallegos said he has updated all social media forms for student government. The new name for all social media is now Student Government Association.

  • Sen. Ally Nieto announced that Eastern in Action will be March 30, 2019.

  • Sen. Hannah Kennedy announced the theme for mud volleyball will be “Vine.” Mud volleyball will be March 20, 2019, and if that does not work out, it will the March 27, she said.

  • Senators mentioned the election, with Student Government Supervisor Brad Mauldin and some of the senators saying they will follow up with Cris Watson, who sets up the election, regarding updating the system.

  • Adame turned the floor over to guest speakers. Managing Editor of The Chase Alisa Boswell-Gore spoke about the student newspaper working with student Government. Courtney Potter, an advocate coordinator for Arise services, spoke about what the Arise organization does and about recruiting volunteers.

  • President Kat Bigham gave reports, saying that student government will be going without a homecoming coordinator due to not having time to find one. She said they need to train a coordinator for the upcoming election.

She asked the senators to help the university to table for Bond D and get students to register to vote. She said she wants herself, as well as the senators, to lead by example, because they represent their own body of government. She said she and Adame sat in with the University Council Committee, which talked about four policies, which they are voting on in the next committee meeting;

  1. Unified Response to Dating Violence, & Sexual Assault

  2. Campus Government

  3. Purchasing Policies

  4. Deadly Weapons, and Deadly Chemicals

Bigham said they are now looking for a new student regent. This is a prestigious position, and they want to be conscientious with who they pick.

  • Mauldin elaborated on the topic for the new student regent and what it is they are looking for in candidates. They are wanting someone who is a leader, and will be able to represent the school for the next 2 years for this position. He also talked about policies that are coming out. He advised that government members talk to the student body about these new policies. He said the two new bylaws that have been signed and are now in effect are the Declaration of Quorum, and Senate Funding Priorities. He mentioned the update on the senate chambers, which had new carpet put in and that they have paperwork ready for new furniture.

Mauldin also went over the weapons policy, saying the university is in the process of obtaining a liquor license, and there will be a change to the parking policy. He said for more information on the parking policy, students can visit the ENMU Department of Public Safety Page.

  • Adame introduced the new Chief Justice Hannah Stout. Stout introduced herself, as well as the justices helping her in the judicial branch, Brittney Henry and Kaitlin Laser. Stout was sworn into oath by Mauldin, then she swore in her chosen justices. Mauldin also swore in two senate members.

  • Senate members approved Resolution 52-1, which talks about how the students will benefit and recognize that structure around campus need to be updated. If Bond D passes, Roosevelt Hall will be renovated.

The meeting adjourned at 6:54 p.m.

- Compiled by Staff Writer Felix Hernandez

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