10 tips to surviving freshman year

· Get to know your roommates.

Having a roommate can be a wonderful experience especially if you both have the same interests and hobbies. This could potentially be a lifelong friendship.

· Stay Organized.

College can be overwhelming at first, but one of the best ways to ease your mind is to get organized with your classes. Having a planner and a calendar can help you keep track of important due dates/deadlines. Another great tip is to have a dry erase board and write down all the important dates/to do’s that you have during the week and erase them as you go.

· Go to class.

Missing class can be tempting at times, but always avoid the temptation. ENMU has a policy that after three unexcused absences your grade drops by a letter grade.

· Get involved on campus.

ENMU offers many clubs and organizations that students can join to be part of the university. This gives students the opportunity to connect with other students who have similar interests.

· Don’t procrastinate; prioritize.

It may seem easy in high school to put off assignments until the last minute and still end up with a good grade. However, college is very persistent with deadlines. Stay on track and make sure you give yourself enough time to complete assignments.

· Get to know your professors.

Getting to know your professors (especially those in the department of your major) can be a great way to network. Building a bond with your professors can also be a good resource in case you need help with an assignment or have questions regarding your major.

· Walk to class.

If you live in the dorms, it’s a better idea to walk to class then to drive. A little bit of exercise is good, and it’ll save you gas costs.

· Homesickness is normal.

Being homesick is a normal feeling when you’re put into an unfamiliar environment, but it’ll fade as time goes on. Call home on occasion and make friends to help ease the loneliness.

· Aim for good grades.

Earning good grades your first semester is a huge accomplishment, and it’ll make your parents proud.

· Enjoy your college experience.

College can be a wonderful experience. New beginnings, new friends, new adventures and new memories. Have fun, make good decisions and be safe.

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