ENMU military/veteran friendly school

Starting college after a military career can be intimidating for veterans, but that’s exactly what the Eastern New Mexico University Veteran Services is trying to change.

Taking your first steps into civilian life can be confusing, according to officials, who say veteran students are often walking into a life they are unsure of.

Questions arise, such as do I start school? How will I pay for classes? Luckily, these questions can be answered by any military friendly school.

Not only does ENMU offer academic and financial support for military members and their dependents, the university also holds a Gold Military Friendly and Military Spouse Friendly status, meaning the school is a great starting place for anyone currently in the military or transitioning out of military life.

A new ENMU grant for active duty military students helps with university expenses.

“This scholarship is meant to offset the cost of ENMU mandatory fees by paying the amount of $60 per credit hour since tuition assistance can no longer cover these fees,” said ENMU Military Outreach Coordinator Jacob Bulloch in an email. “There is no essay, no statement of financial aid, no application required to receive this scholarship. If you are currently active duty, then you earned it already as long as you make sure we know.”

According to Bulloch, finances are not the only factor that could intimidate a military or veteran student when starting school. They may also be nervous about meeting other people.

He said ENMU helps this issue by bringing military members, veterans and their dependents together in many ways. There is a lounge in the new Golden Students Success Center that provides an area for military and veteran students to not only do homework but also a place where you can develop friendships with people who have similar experiences.

“The lounge is intended to provide a space for people with a military background to have the sort of social connections that can sometimes be hard for us to form with 18 year olds right out of high school,” said Bulloch. “It is a place to hang out, swap war stories, and be a battle buddy, shipmate, wingman, etc.”

ENMU also provides a veteran certification officer and a tuition assistance account supervisor through ENMU Veteran Services to help with the process of getting in school.

For more information, contact Jacob Bulloch at 575-562-2195.

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