Freshman spotlight

Reporters of The Chase decided to get together with the freshmen students of Eastern New Mexico University to learn a little bit about the university’s latest additions.

Meet the newest members of the ENMU family.

Name: Ethan Pendergrass

Hometown: Brownfield, Texas

Major: Music education

Future goal: Teach and educate kids about music

Fun fact/Hobby: He’s addicted to Kit-Kats.

Name: Myranda Schiff

Hometown: Fairbanks, Ark.

Major: Broadcasting with an emphasis in producing

Future goals: Produce/direct for a large news station or television station

Funny fact/hobby: Special effects make-up and body painting

Name: Francisco “Franky” Summerland

Hometown: Friona, Texas

Major: Criminal justice

Future goals: Working for the FBI

Funny Fact/Hobby: Writing fantasy novels

Name: Josephine Brown

Hometown: Farmington, N.M.

Major: Social work

Future goals: Helping many kids find good homes

Funny fact/hobby: Swimming

Name: Coen Noeninckx

Hometown: Los Alamos, N.M.

Future goals: To be president, 2036

Funny fact/hobby: Climbing, hiking, anything outdoors

Name: Shaye Trujillo

Hometown: Portales, N.M.

Major: Elementary education

Future goals: To help students succeed in their education

Funny fact/hobby: Spending time with my dog

Name: Lily Schneider

Hometown: Portales, N.M.

Major: Culinary arts

Future Goals: To be a professional chef, working in a big restaurant

Funny fact/ hobby: I really like to draw, things like animals and still life

Name: Olivia Torrez

Hometown: Artesia, N.M.

Major: Music education

Future goals: To be a music director

Funny fact/hobby: Playing the piano

Name: Kelsey Decker

Hometown: Los Alamos, N.M.

Major: Pre-med

Future goals: To be an orthopedic surgeon

Funny fact/hobby: Equestrian

- Compiled by Staff Writer Felix Hernandez

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